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Strong Setup

Strong Setup

We are very happy to have been approved as a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

So do contact us to get help to set up your google apps account :-)

The following are some notes that may be useful after you have your email on but may also want it on Outlook and iPhone.

How you get started with
Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

depends on how you plan to use it.
I want to install Google Apps Sync and keep using Outlook ...

Note from these pages:
After installing Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, you can use Outlook to access either your Google Apps account, or the previous account you're switching from. (The data in each account is kept totally separate.)

Each time you start Outlook, you're prompted to choose the profile for whichever account you want to open.
When you no longer need access to your previous account, however, you can have Outlook open your Google Apps profile automatically, without prompting you to select it from a dialog:

Go to your Windows Control Panel > Mail settings, and click Show Profiles.
In the dialog that opens, select Always use this profile, specifying your Google Apps profile.

My experience:

1) Installing Google Apps Sync did not work as I expected on some PC's because I could not download! The button was disabled for some reason. So I copied the setup-program from my computer to the new computer and started it. On another computer the message was that I did not have admin access so I was not allowed to install anything, and I had to assign these rights first.

2) When the Google Apps Sync starts it will ask you to create a profile, this is for email you use. Then it will start Outlook and you have to choose a profile. The new one with your email is selected. Just "OK" this (do not create a new profile!). After this the sync process starts - however: not all is imported even if the process indicator tell you it is 100% done. So you may have to close Outlook - open it again - to choose the old profile and find your old emails.

3) Another program complained after the Google Apps Sync was installed, because this was connected to the Outlook account.

Gmail vs. Outlook
Note: Gmail does not support rich text formatting, graphics, or HTML in your signature

Outlook setup after importing
Note: here are a few things you might want to set up in your new Google Apps profile that don't get imported, to make your Outlook environment best match what you had before...

Typical problem:

"When I delete a message in the Outlook inbox for Gmail, it comes right back in the next time Outlook does a Send/Receive."
"I should add that I have the same problem when moving messages from my Outlook Gmail inbox to Outlook folders: The message comes right back into the Outlook Gmail inbox at the next Send/Receive."

>> Read the answer in the help forum ...


Follow the instructions below to set up POP access on the iPhone.

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